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Mike "Homeslice" Renard is passionate about delivering a different experience for people looking to buy or sell a home in the Pacific Northwest. Brand Mountain worked closely with Mike to create an identity that would capture his energy, passion and love for his community. Deliverables included a style guide, animated business card, Issue 01 of "The WHNW Mag", a mobile-first website with blog functionality. The identity delivers clean, northwest vibes and gives Mike the flexibility he needs to adapt the look and feel to fit his broad range of marketing efforts.

The monogram combines a "W" and an "H", incorporating the silhouette of a house in the negative space. The red was carried over from the previous identity to maintain some of the brand equity that Mike has worked so hard to build. The word "home" is always color-activated to emphasize the company's commitment to helping their clients find the perfect place to call home.

In 2018 I worked with Mike to create the first issue of "Welcome Home." The magazine's square orientation capitalizes on the "WHNW" version of the logo and the thick stock and matte finish delivers a recognizably different feel from the turn of the first page. The issue introduces clients to "The Homeslice" and provides information about the process of buying and/or selling a home. Mike is big on relationships and "the Mag" communicates this by featuring a family and telling their unique story.

In 2020 I designed and developed welcomehomenw.com, a mobile-first website that features tells the "Homeslice story" and communicates the mission of the brand. The site delivers the difference by capitalizing on clean information architecture, engaging micro-interactions and valuable content for buyers, sellers and prospective realtors. Welcomehomenw.com is where the journey starts.

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