"Presenting everyone complete in Christ."

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Salem Heights Church, located in Salem, Oregon, was looking for a new visual identity to update the look and feel of the church without sacrificing the rich history of "gospel-centered" teaching and service that the church has become known for.

The primary logo features a cross contained in circle that is nearing completion, representing the church's mission statement: "Presenting everyone complete in Christ," Colossians 1:28-29. The cross extends to the edges of the circle to evoke a subtle "S", paying tribute to the community that Salem Heights has so faithfully served for many years.

The project will eventually integrate the identity throughout the church, from the fa├žade of the building to communications including the website and printed materials.

I worked closely with the Pastoral Staff and the church's Art Director to create a custom website that is both clean and easy to use. The site went through several iterations as we refined the user experience through multiple rounds of BETA testing and focus groups. The result is a beautiful, modern website that prioritizes the content that site visitors are most commonly looking for. The navigation is streamlined, avoiding the chaos of massive drop-down menus. Information was instead broken into three categories: "New Here", "Grow", and "Serve" so that users can access the content they are looking for by selecting the heading that most accurately represents their reason for visiting the site.

You can view the site here: https://www.salemheightschurch.org/

NOTE: Implementation of the new identity on environmental graphics has been slowed by the COVID-19 Pandemic so this case study will be updated once work is allowed to resume.

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